1 October 2013

touring Paris and rambling on Tuesday

good morning pumpkins.. what a rain last night.. i thought windows were dancing.. couldn't sleep properly.. other thoughts; yesterday i enjoyed 3 hours of training and i was still up.. i'm proud of me.. today i have a teaching lesson and then a reiki session.. and of course yoga late at night.. i call Tuesday a spiritual day because of yoga and reiki... it's hard not to be competitive with all these young girls around exhibiting great performance in yoga.. but i laugh.. the days  that i pushed myself hard in practising yoga are long gone.. i know my age, my body and what i can and cannot do.. i know i'll get even better by time but i don't push my body too much.. there is no need. i'll hurt myself..maturity has to do with that.. it's fine with me.. diving in the internet: about diabetesvisualise please!!why we lieendocrine disruptorswhere true happiness comes frombeing gentle to yourselfan interview with Billy Crystalfor better sexbe kind, trust yourself in your business
now close the pc and get out, smile, make a walk, buy something cheap for you and give your best passionate shot, whatever you try... i'm soo proud of you... :-) xoxo

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