11 November 2013

good morning pumpkins... how are you today??? happy week. i woke up suddenly, i had a nightmare.. that i was followed by strangers. it was night and i woke up screaming... things got worse at work. we won't be paid this month. God knows when we will. University is closed.. what else is it coming? i feel i'm stuck.. 
other information from the internet.. guide to New York Cityhow to survive a formal dinner..
i had a peaceful weekend. i watched "The great Oz" of Disney (watch trailer below). i had some teaching hours. Last night i baked pizza, we had a small family gathering. it was nice.. Melancholic actually, seeing my parents getting older.. i sense i'm getting to a life phase that everything will change.. will see..

amazing movie...

got to go now.. i really really love you and send positive energy to all of you that stand by me and read my posts... xoxo


  1. I hope the university opens back up soon and that the pay resumes!

    1. i wish..i wish too. thank you for your kindness and support..