5 November 2013

labels on people forheads

good morning.. the weather got melancholic.. it's almost ready to rain.. i got my coffee next to me ready to start the day. i feel good.. my diving into the internet.. do you feel uninspired?what i know to be truesurvive family gatherings..
this book i'm reading has stolen my time.. i can't put it down.. i'm returning to my work.. 
before that i want to wrote something about trust.. how far can you open up to people? how far can you reveal your fears and weaknesses? i've done it and i have suffered from that. i prefer to choose more strictly who to trust next time... my teacher has told me once that people who deeply know you, don't exceed the number of fingers of one hand. i know know what she meant.. People pay attention mostly to judge.. not to understand... that is easier... it' s easier to put labels.. Labels stay for ever most of the time.. and hurt disappoint, create impressions and often ruin relationships.. i hate labels...

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