4 November 2013

good morning lovabies.. have a great week. i had an exhausting weekend but i had a good time. On Friday i did an in depth house cleaning, even closets were upside down.. balkony and windows... on Saturday morning  i went to the coiffure shop, i turned my hair red and cut them a lot.. on Saturday night i had a birthday gathering with a few close friends and family. i had cooked dinner, baked a cake.. we had a good time. i was so stressed with preparations i forgot to take pictures at the party. The following one is taken some days ago, i spent some time with my family and we also cut a bithday cake.. 

 entering the fourth decade of a full happy (in general) life 
blowing the candles
my new music addiction..

amazing movie i warched recently.. i suggest you watch it.. breath taking..

i think a lot lately.. perhaps i was wrong about many situations and people in my life. i misjudged people who derserved a better behaviour from me and i'm really sorry for that. I give credit to people that they didn't deserve it... i decide to go with the flow.. stop judging, expecting  and making lists... i don't know of that is maturity or depression.. will see... love you. take care.xoxo..