25 November 2013

monday ramblings

good morning lovabies.. i have so many things to do i ended up posting once a week. i had a peaceful weekend. Winter is here to stay.. brr sooo cold outside.. last week news: happy moment: i received a message from an old friend i haven't seen for months and that made me really happy.. hope about unexpected joy rise again... i read literature, i watched movies. My favourite ones for this weekend were the following :

i also watched 

 Thor is my favourite hero

I meditated on Saturday evening and that was a real comfort. My mind got empty and my heart got stronger.. I promised myself to medidate and practesi yoga more often but it's a promise i can't keep but i should have. For my shake.. The University didn't open eventually. People working here are giving their fight to keep their jobs and i really respect that . I'm on their side.. even if that delays my studies..
got to go... i send you a great hug... xoxo

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