2 December 2013

happy happy month pumpkins.. the rain doesn't want to leave Athens and i feel a bit depressed.. it's more than 10 days now that the weather remains clumpsy. I had a peaceful weekend. My foot is giving me a hard time. I have to see a doctor today. i believe it needs to rest. My pilates, yoga and jogging practice pushed it to the edge. i never realise when to stop. That's a thing i got to control... 

Other things on my mind on Monday... a. Notes to make for my teaching, cut, paste, draw and search.. Notes are creation, kids got to have joy through it , play and learn.. b. Internet research for my paper on German literature. c. technical report to write, i have forgotten that i'm also an engineer. There are times i'm amazed how i manage to combine all that.. It's an inner procedure.. a mix of love and dedication to a cause.. 
got to go now.. duty calls.. love ya.... sending you  all my love...xoxo


  1. I hope your foot feels better soon and that the rain ends and the sun comes out :)

    1. thank you from deep inside of my heart... you are a treasure my friend..my foot is better. i take medication and exercise..