13 December 2013

good morning pumpkins..
I had so much going on these days, i cannot catch up everything and i'm running.. There is also a flu that tortures me. The truth is, i didn't have the mood to blog. There are a lot that exhausted me lately and blogging was one of that.. 
My news coming: i got a new teaching lesson, my yoga teacher wants to learn German. So i'm teaching her and she'll teach me some new yoga techniques. i'm crazy out of joy about that. I went to the movies with my sister.. i watched Pantelis Voulgaris and Ioanna Karystianis "Mikra Agglia (Small England)". Amazing but melancholic, like all movies of Voulgaris. The trailer is below: 

that's for today... i wish you an amazing weekend... a big hug.xoxo


  1. I hope you feel better soon my friend! The flu is going around over here as well.

  2. the flu is getting better.. i decorated the house for Christmas. i'll post some photos today.. have an amazing holiday season my friend..