18 December 2013

Christmas is near and i feel the magic in the air..i wish every happiness for the holidays and after. I plan to stay home and spend the days with family and friends. I need to turn inside of me and be quite.. i need to find my inner calmness to regain my strength physically and emotionally. From now on i quit "to do lists" and all lists generally. We should stop living like programmed machines. The last months i realised who my real friends are and where i stand. That's enlighting but cruel. Reiki and yoga really helped me go through. I found out that teaching is my purpose and i see all events of my life leading to that. And i go with the flow. And i pray to God lately more than i ever did.. when we are in need, we recall God. But we should have done that earlier. We should say thank you.. to HIM every moment of our lives. It's comforting to believe, in something, God, love, friendship, hope.. to something or someone that gives you energy to go on..  

 with friends

I'm off now.. i send you my endless love and a special hug.. xoxo

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