10 February 2014

hi pumpkins.. i know i have vanished.. exams are keeping on but at least i'm doing fine.. at the same time i have some research to do on literature and an ultra sound on my stomach.. the days pass before i realise how.. the coming month will be too busy. But i'll be in touch.. The most important thing i have to say is that my niece was staying at my parents' house and i had a pretty amazing time.. Kids are such a source of positive energy..i miss her already. The last period of my life i reconsider friendships. Some people left my life and i admit to say i feel relief. although i was paining at first... you don't need toxic relationships in your life.. Clean your life, your closet, your house.. Let free space for new people and new activities.. I also thinking of changing carrier but i'll do it when i'm ready. There is more than 2 years i have stopped saying i'm an engineer. I say i'm a german and yoga teacher. Because i feel so. Engineering is a job i do for living but i no longer love it.. When i'm ready i'll quit... My life purpose is to teach.. They say better late than ever.. i'm happy i found out my life purpose..
I stop rambling... Here is some advice from the internet..
for fulfillment
qualities that make you a real man
how to overcome envy
how to quit smoking 
got to go now.. remember i always think of you even if i'm not around.. give the best of yourself to what you love!! xoxo

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