19 February 2014

morning ramblings

hi lovabies.. i'm back again.. the exams are in the middle. I'm finishing next Saturday.. i'm not stressed, i think i learned lately how not to be. yoga really helped me to that.. i had a small problem with my bowel, i did some medical tests and i'm ok now, i was a little horrified about that... Things at the office are getting worse but i'm not losing hope. I know that the universe will fix it at the end. To cut a long short i feel i'm living a period of transformation. Changes are always good. We may not realise it from the start but it take us a step further.. to life, to thinking differently. It's a challenge..
I spent time with friends lately. I went out meet new people. My yoga class is inspiring me... i like watching their faces feeling exhausted but happy. Morning information : fall back in love with your life , beat acne for good, lessons after a 60 years marriage, coming out of the closet..

 staying between two very close friends of mine having a great time
have a great day pumpkins. xoxo

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