6 March 2014

theatre and other things..

good morning lovabies... i hope you are having a great time. exams are over and things are getting back to normal. ok things at work haven't changed a bit... the same bad environment.. but i pretend it doesn't exist.. since i cannot fix it, i try to stay out it. Yesterday i went to a japanese restaurant and i enjoyed sushi. I haven't eaten sushi so far.. i really enjoyed it. i'm going to, from now on...i loved it, it's really delicious and it doesn't make the stomach feel heavy like mediterranean dishes.. 
i enjoyed theater lately.. i have seen a lot of performances this winter.. Theater is a magical world, modern or classical gives education, joy, motivates thinking, cultivates... Go!! don't miss a chance to see a performance. Opera, dance, theater, anything.. it makes me a whole new person..
i know i don't write often. the truth is i have changed priorites and i cannot catch up everything. but i really miss writing to you.. have the best time ever... i'll be back soon.xoxo

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