10 March 2014

teaching through skype??? neeee!!

good morning pumpkins.. have a great week. Here in Athens is raining for days.. i want to sit comfortably, watch the rain and drink hot chocolate.. But i'm at the office swamped by papers and then i think how many people are outside in the rain looking for a job, knocking doors and i feel so grateful.. i have changed. i feel it and i love it. I feel more connected inside and with the universe. Yoga and reiki really help. My yoga teacher is leaving for Australia. I feel weird because i'm losing a great teacher and a friend. Ok the friend stays but the teacher ? She said "on skype" i answered "you're crazy". i would never teach yoga on skype. Not even german.. i want the student near me.. i hate talking on screens.. i'm not an actor or a reporter. i'm a teacher, a traditional one.. when it comes to basics.. i admire and follow new methods but treaching on skype.. sorry i don't..
The weekend was peaceful.. i write my essay on German theatre of the 50s.. Love research.. .Sunday closed in a bar drinking beer with Arte, talking about men and relationships.. she stills searches the right one. i don't.. 
right now i hear... specially dedicated to you loves..

My day has nothing special.. .wrong... life is special.. yoga teaching and walking outside to refresh mood and thinking... love you... take care.xoxo

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