22 April 2013

"frozen" play... and other thoughts

good morning pumpkins.. HAPPY WEEK. how are you feeling today?? Spring came to stay in Athens and the weather is sweeter.. .. i had a great weekend. i haven't stayed in much and i didn't do much cleaning. Just the necesary. On Saturday i got a teaching conference to attend, where i have met interesting people and heard important stuff about teching.. basically the key words are inspiration and motivation... to have and share.. and self confidence... Teachers need self confidence.. other way little monsters will ear you up alive... 
The conference finished at the afternoon. My friends-colleaques and i had taken food, found an peaceful place among trees and made a small picnic. Picnic in the heart of Athens was a little weird... People here aren't used to something like that. In other Metropoles may that happen but it's rare for Athens.. Many were staring at us like we were alliens... it was really fun.. Then we went to the theatre to watch Frozen. Amazing story. The performance was great.. you can watch a small video of the rehearsals below. 

After that we returned to my place, ate and got ready to go out.. we went to a small rock bar, here , near my home. We had some drinks, talked, stayed there until late.. I met some old friends there, which i haven't seen for long. It was sweet and bitter...
other thoughts for my lovelies.. advice.. advice 
the worst critic comes from ourselveslimoncello macaroons , picking up your luxurieshow not to steal others time amd yoursthe kind of friend i want ,it's difficult to do everythingtry something by yourself

got to go now.. work is waiting..... many many hugs and kisses. xoxo

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